My Services

Social Media

  • Posting – As a business owner, do you struggle to find time to post on your social media and keep an active presence? I can run your social media accounts for you, posting either 5 or 7 times per week with all content creation included. (Management can be included for an extra charge)
  • Content Creation – If you want to continue to run  your social media accounts, I can help you to create unique content with a key focus on consistency throughout your branding.
  • Analysis – A social media audit is a great way to discover what you are doing well and also give you some ideas on what you could do differently to boost engagement and ultimately drive more conversions.


  • Campaigns – I can create email campaigns to drive sales, increase brand awareness and convert more customers.
  • Email List – I can assist you with growing your email list so you have a larger audience to market to.


  • Blog Posts – Keeping your blog up to date is not only important for SEO purposes but they are also great content to share on social media. I can help you come up with interesting articles and write them so they are ready to post!
  • Website copy – If you are building a new website or updating an existing one, I can help you create engaging text that also helps with SEO.
  • Podcasts – Show notes are important when you’re hosting a podcast because they provide great SEO value for your podcast website, and they give listeners a little bit more detail on the episode and your guest. I can take full control of your show notes so you can get on with creating!