Setting up a Facebook and Instagram page for business

In today’s post, I thought I would take it back to basics and talk through the steps of setting up a Facebook and Instagram page for your business. Even if you have already set up your social media pages, you could use this blog post as a checklist to make sure you are utilising every section to help people find your business and ultimately buy from you.

Social media is so powerful when it comes to promoting your business and you could be missing out on a huge audience by not having a Facebook and Instagram page where people can see what you sell and find out more about you. Your social media backs up your website and people can connect more personally with you.

So, let’s start with Facebook..

To create a page, you need to head to “Pages” on the navigation bar on the left hand side of your newsfeed.

This will then take you to a screen that shows all your pages and in the right hand corner there is a button to “Create Page”.

You can choose whichever option is best suited to your product or service and then get started!

You will then need to name your page and then add a profile picture and cover photo.

Your profile picture should either be you or your logo, depending on your business (eg. If your business is you, set your profile picture to an image of you).

Your cover photo is one of the first things people see when they visit your page, so make sure it sums you up immediately. You could use a high quality image of your work or create a little bit of an infographic to tell people exactly what you do.

You then need to add a description, services and choose a CTA (Call to Action) button.

Make your description easy to read by starting with an introduction – tell readers what you do and who for, then you could talk about your services/products and a little bit about you as a person or your company story.

Update your services to let people know exactly what you sell or link your website to set up Facebook store so people can shop directly.

Choose which CTA button you want to appear at the top of your profile – you can either choose to get messages, website clicks, bookings, downloads or for people to learn more.

Update your story

Fill in the “My Story” section on the right hand side of the page to tell people more about your business and journey so far.

Start posting!

Now the fun starts…you can now start to think about content! Try to have a brainstorm about what content you could put out on social media to educate, entertain and give value to your audience. If you are struggling for content ideas, click here to download my free cheat sheet which includes lots of content ideas for your business.

Then we have Instagram…

To get started on Instagram, you need to sign up for a profile. You will be asked to choose a username which is how people will find you so make sure it is as close to your business name as possible (As long as it’s available!).

When you have chosen your username, you can start building your profile.

Instagram profile

One of my top Instagram tips is to use the “name” section for some key words associated with your business as this will help you come up in search results. Try to think about what your target audience would search for if they were looking for your product or service and enter those key words rather than putting your actual name or business name (you can do both if it will fit!).

Your website address or Facebook page (if you don’t have a website) can be put in the website section or you can use a link tool like Link.Tree (link) to have multiple links for people to click on. I tend to use this if I have referenced a new blog post or an event I am doing as people can just click straight through.

Your bio needs to sum up who you are, what you do and who you help in a succinct way so people can immediately see what your business is all about. Try to really focus on a pain point for your target audience (eg. Mine is focusing on having more time as a business owner as this is what many struggle with). You could also list your services or products that are available in this section.

Connect your Facebook page

Finally, you need to connect your Facebook page to your Instagram page which is a really easy process. Simply click ‘page’ and it will bring up all the pages you have on Facebook, select the correct one and they will talk to each other to make the connection.

You can also update your contact details with different ways people can get in touch as your call to action button at the top of your profile.

Now you should have both your pages set up, it’s time to start adding some content!