If you are looking to grow your email list, lead magnets may just be your answer! By using lead magnets, you can not only gain new prospective customers’ contact information but they also allow you to start building a relationship with potential new customers. 

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is when you offer something to your ideal customer that they will want, in return for their email address.

There are many different types of lead magnets you can create for your ideal customer, such as:

  • Tip Sheet
  • Guide
  • Videos
  • Checklist
  • Calendar/Planner
  • Digital Download
  • E-book

Creating your lead magnet

When you have decided what kind of lead magnet you are going to offer, you then need to create it. There are various tools you can use to design one, my personal favourite is Canva, or you could have it created for you (link to services page).

Your lead magnet needs to be low investment, this means it is not too long for people to read through to actually get the information.

Your lead magnet should be tailored to your potential customers’ pain points, so think about what they need help with right now.

Make sure what you are offering is valuable to avoid any disappointment.

The Process

You will need to create a landing page where people can sign up for your lead magnet. You can create a landing page on lots of different platforms, some more costly than others. A great free platform is Mailchimp.

Keep your landing page simple – just ask for their name and email address and be clear with what they will receive in return.

A typical lead magnet journey may look like this:

  • Call-to-action – The original post you use to promote your lead magnet that includes a link or button to your landing page.
  • Landing page – Where your visitor will input their name and email address.
  • Thank you – Visitors are then taken to a confirmation landing page where they can download the resource.
  • Email series – Once they have been added to your email list, you can then start with a series of welcome emails to start warming that potential customer up.

Promoting your lead magnet

Share your lead magnet EVERYWHERE you can! This can be via social media, paid ads, your website and your email signature.

Get growing that email list!